Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trade Unions - America's Indoctrinating Squad

Teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically is the definition of indoctrinate.  I was going to use brainwash instead but it just isn't the right fit.  It might be a stronger word and sound better as a headline but by definition brainwash means to make someone adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure.

The concept of a union isn't a radically different belief or even one that should be feared.  What is a problem and a complete utter failure in the United States is the current law we have on the books regarding trade unions.  It has allowed unions to become powerful machines, with the help of government, to coerce business owners.  In return for government assistance which puts a majority of the power in the hands of the union, not the business owner or its employees, unions continue to indoctrinate its members to show unwavering and unquestioning support of both the union and the political party in its pocket...mostly Democrats.

John Mackey, founder and CEO of Whole Foods, outlines this problem quite eloquently.
He is quoted as saying:

It's illegal in the United States for there to be company unions — special unions which are formed and controlled by the employees and managers of the company to represent their interests and collectively bargain on their behalf. These type of unions are legal in many countries such as Japan, but are illegal in the United States. Instead the law requires that all unions be outside unions. I believe this law should be repealed and that company unions should be as legal as any other kind of voluntary association.

Read the above quote carefully, and then re-read it.  Think about what it actually means for YOU, the employee.  Are labor unions that you are paying dues to really doing anything for you?  Why do you need an outside agency to dictate anything between yourself and your employer?  Are they smarter than you are, therefore better at collective bargaining?  When has a middleman ever been good for you when making a business transaction?  Don't we usually want to cut out the middleman to ensure we are getting the best price?

The only good news is that trade union membership is on the decline.  But don't worry, they are still thinking up new ways to expand their power and keep taking money out of your pocket.


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